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 Covering all Earth and Space issues from the Planet X location, to Aliens in Space, through to the Zionist Aliens on earth slow enslavement of the Population of the world.

Information you would NEVER see or find on the Mainstream Media as the worldwide Censorships get ever tighter. We are self funded and rely on donations to enable our websites and Research to uncover what is really going on both on Earth and in Space, Where is Planet X and similar. Most Important "WHO RUNS EARTH" and is actually in control of the Puppet dumb Leaders they showcase on TV as the front faces.


Access to our 3 websites containing years of knowledge on Aliens UFO visits PlanetX and 1000,s of hours of videos, along with live access to Space and Earth Monitors 24/7 for your use. Information which will never be exposed in a public media form as Google TheirTube and such as those who seek to control would never allow it. We Have such a wealth of knowledge from Research we are BANNED On Youtube, Google, Facebook, Twitter and all State owned Media outlets as they continue to Kill and Destroy Earth and fool the People day after day.. THE Dim ones have fell for all the TV Propoganda as its the only News they can find on all state controlled medias.

Our 3 websites RUN In House video streaming so as to avoid the state controlled ones, and the main one has Thousands of hours of films and knowledge UNKNOWN to the majority of the Public.. FILMS Videos, On Vaccine Reality HIDDEN Knowledge of Earths History and whats coming to Enslave us all. Information so important THEY Do NOT Want the Public to know, hence the Bannings..

Secret Knowledge BANNED in Media

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