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welcome to Alien TV Broadcasting,bringing you earth and space news features and inside info,my names Big Tiny Tim not dim,, hybrid model t 44 ,tonight we concentrate on the sky,clouds,what on earth is being done to your once great planet?
many of you seem to have forgot what earth used to be like,and seem to be so dumbed down with fluoride and happy baccy and all that other crud,that you seem to either not know what a proper sky,looks like,or have forgot,and indeed even maybe do not care,

Dim lights

Dim lights

Dim lights

so first lets give you a reminder of earths beautiful skys going back many years ago,on the left you will see a proper sky,alongside on the right,we show the disgusting new world sky,which has become to the young generation a normal acceptable skyline,

so we have brought this small documentary together just as a information and wake up call,this is not right,this is not how it should be,if you think its all fine,then the boss said there is no hope and you deserve all your getting for being so brain dead,

Why are they doing this? what is it they put up there and is this safe and acceptable,why do they deny it and why has Harp any relevance? we cannot answer all questions but we hope to help,and give you part of what we know,enough to get you to do more research,look at the sky,this is stupid to not even ask your so called leaders and demand full accountability,if its harmless and for your own good then surely they would brag about it? so this smacks of a pure nasty evil destruction for some groups gain,

They start the operation with harmless looking planes,making the magic tell tale x marks the spot,and then run parallel spraying the poisons, see how the materials hover and dissapate leaving the artificial clouds to hover and then fall and poison the lands,

Several reasons for this we can deduce are,
1. The alien race in charge of your Leaders,have implemented this as a means to bring there new nano strains of life into your earth,look at the pictures of magnified particles,and note the high incidence of silvery orbs that often accompny the heavy chemtrailing,
2. its a military application to enhance weather as a weapon to invoke weather damage to those earthlings who do not tow the line,
3. Its to contaminate and shape the earths soils to allow only there own desired foods can be grown,of which you can bet your little earth bottoms is going to have a hefty tax levy applied,
4. Contained within the sprays are more brain dumbing components to make the populations more compliant with there future 1 world Government idea,
other ideas come to play,like shielding the sun for your own protection,but this is laughable coming from leaders who force the water companies to add fluoride which is a poison into your drinking water,which is known causes damage,

We also noticed as you may well do also,is the sky seems to have developed a further cloud air stream,many years ago commonplace was to see maybe 2 flows of clouds moving in different distinct ways,now as many as 4 layers seem to flow and do all kinds of weird stuff,is this due to the chemtrails,a great capture of this is from that lovely earthling female u tube user Red bush Tea 1 who captured a great example of chemtrail layers being placed between 3 other existing cloud streams,so thanks lovely red bush for letting us use part of your film,

The stuff in this supposed harmless spraying is not harmless,samples tested showed as follows,
Rainwater sample showing massive contamination with aluminum and barium particulates.


"In Espanola, where [chemtrail] spray sometimes falls as visible, flesh-stinging particles thick as snow, lab tests of rainwater falling through extensive chemtrail plumes revealed levels of aluminum seven-times higher than existing provincial safety limits for drinking water."
Excerpted from Will Thomas article, Rense.com 12-13-03

The presence of Aluminum, Barium, Calcium, Magnesium, and Titanium in the air over a part of the United States is now formally documented, in as reliable a way as is available to an ordinary American citizen.

Over three months, three separate rainwater and snow samples from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, have been collected and submitted for formal 'double-blind' laboratory analysis. Tests were ordered for several elements that should NOT be present in normal rain/snow. The results should have come back marked 'N/D' ('None Detected') for all tests...

But, that hope was smashed,when results showed how bad it is,

The substances that many of us who have been researching the chemtrail issue suspect are in the air --- ARE indeed IN THE AIR.

And coming down in the rain and snow.

Especially BARIUM.

This devastating data points to a deliberate atmospheric release of massive quantities of material containing Aluminum, Barium, Calcium, Magnesium,and Titanium.

Thats was just on the smaller particles,what they would make of the bigger nano stuff also floating down and the orbs,well who knows,as it seems to be those who dare test end up sacked or having unlucky car accidents and such,bad luck i guess?

All we can say is whatever the reasons its going to end badly as it seems the bad aliens you have allowed to take you over,are stepping up there plans and for you earthlings its only going to end badly.

another interesting bit of information,we have uncovered and can divulge,
A report from one Morgellon's sufferer:
"In the fall of 1998 I was out in my garden working. The weather was warm and exceptionally humid and sticky. At one point I absentmindly scratched my neck and noticed that my fingernails came back absolutly clotted with white fibers. Out of curiosity I scratched several other areas of my skin with my nails and discovered that when scratched any exposed area of skin left my nails full of these clotted fibers. Whatever skin was covered with clothing did not have the fibers. The air must have been thick with these fibers for so many of them to be layered on me like that. About a month later I started having unusual skin symptoms & not feeling well. I am very suspicious that these airborn fibers had something to do with my developing Morgellons.
But how can that be proven,so i guess like many many others he will be destined to suffer with no recourse,after all how can you seek compensation for something the World Government dont admit exists,or is in operation?

we have heard reports of yellow powder residues after chemtrailed skies,and masses of strand type residues which seem to spawn into some weird life matter,one reporter who initially you think holy moly the guys mad,has done some great research into the phenominum and thats u tube user manny sky watcher so maybe if you want to learn more on the nano strands check his channel out,its his fortey and has grabbed the settling and life growth of these, we have not devoted time to it as yet,and so he is better for learning more on this subject,

anyways we hope this short film, has added to your chemtrail knowledge,

Chemtrails we all wonder what they are for and why ? this is interesting from a radio talk show AC Grifith ex CIA and insider whistle blower gives the inside reasons ,that go a little way to explainning why they at least started .Scaler wars haarp cloud seeding he gives his scoop.


Dim lights

The trail of clouds that billow from an airplane streaking across the sky can be mesmerizing for children and adults alike. Jet engine traffic has become so common that it's not unusual to see several lingering streaks in the afternoon. And though many consider the streaks beautiful against a bright blue sky, others are alarmed about them. Concerns range from the idea that these streaks could exacerbate global warming to more elaborate theories that the government has secretly been dumping harmful substances on the land.

Before we get into the various theories about the possible harmful effects, let's discuss the scientific explanation for these streaks. Jet engines spew out very hot air. And, because water vapor is one of the byproducts of the exhaust, the air is also very humid. However, high in the atmosphere where these jets fly, the air is typically very cold -- often lower than -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, the atmosphere up there is often of low vapor pressure, or the force exerted by a gas on the surrounding environment.

When a jet engine is spewing out hot, humid air into an atmosphere that is cold and has low vapor pressure, the result is condensation. The water vapor coming out of the engine quickly condenses into water droplets and then crystallizes into ice. The ice crystals are the clouds that form behind the engine. This is why the streaks are called contrails, short for "condensation trails." To help explain it, scientists liken it to seeing your breath on cold days. You may have noticed that puffs of breath dissipate quickly on dryer days. The same is true of contrails: When the atmosphere is more humid, the contrails linger, but when the atmosphere is dry, the contrails disappear more quickly.

This explanation makes sense. But, as author and airline pilot Patrick Smith tells readers, the contrails consist of not just ice crystals and water vapor but also other byproducts of engine exhaust. These include carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfate particles and soot [source: Smith]. Some point out that these, in addition to the extra cloud cover, can have negative environmental effects. And conspiracy theorists have nicknamed contrails "chemtrails" under the suspicion that the government is taking advantage of this scientific phenomenon to secretly release other substances into the atmosphere.


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