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UFO Mystery Objects and OWN captures welcomeSubmit your Captures, and any Genuine News Worthy Earth Space Nibiru Mystery Planet and similar stuff to us , via our email Contact Section, We will give our honest initial thoughts, and then use and Broadcast the findings on your behalf, ONLY assuming its newsworthy of course. with credits going to you, unless you opt for keeping anonimity ? YOUR Choice,  Contact us...

Had you snapped something weird ? and didnt know what to do with it ? Maybe your not sure what it is ? etc etc, Give us a shout and lets check it for you...

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UFO Captures 2013 New UFOS Alien Video Captures latest Earth Info

UFO Captures, New UFOS, Alien, Video UFO, Alien, latest, Earth Info, Comets, asteroids, and More .

UFO Captures 2013, New UFOS, Alien, Video UFO, Alien, latest, Earth Info, Comets, asteroids,The latest recent UFO reports videos and earth Change issues , Alien encounters UFOs, are increasing all the time and we aim to pick the genuine and most rated , ignoring the junk UFO or Alien Videos etc, which spawn the youtubes and such like.. Planet X Nibiru is still a pending unknown as is Asteroids as we are NOW in the start of the earth cycle with dangerous times ahead .

From Aliens in UFO Ships to Aliens in sewers !!  we aim to bring you the latest .


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Videos of UFO and Alien sightings all as below and added regularly , so bookmark us and keep popping back .

Published on 20th Jan 2014

Latest UFO Capture Report received at our website for your Interest Opinions and Information,this is one of them damned if we do,damned if we don`t show pictures,so we report as it came to us

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Blue Planet Sphere UFOs 2013 April Japan Volcano Live Capture April 2013 UFO  Presentation.

Weird Blue Planet left of the Sun or a Blue sphere ?  puzzled and would like to hear peoples views ?  forget the sun dog or camera lens flare theories ,that does not wash..

web video produced for Nibiru Elenin by .

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UFOs - Demons, Aliens, or Something in Between 2013 compilation of superb UFO and more

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Is this a Hidden UFO Factory on Mars ? Have you ever wondered why NASA never shows stars in backgrounds ? Weird how every planet apparently has a perfect flat terrain isn`t it ?  The reason they block them !!!  have a look ..

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Aliens Captured on Cameras underground Live Video Sewer Aliens living beneath us with lightning speed and intelligence !!

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China Alien Village or Doomsday Town UFO Base in Construction Weird Space Moons , Google views of China Doomsday town in Construction or a Alien Base ? 
The weird thing is the secret X on the google map is near this place ?  so make of it what you can , its puzzling for sure.And why build something only visible from in the air ?

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UFO sighting filmed in infrared March 2013 Great UFO Captured

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YOU Assumed the Mayan predictions were wrong ?  Check out the basic guide to the Warning they gave us .

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Strange UFO Lights over Japan 2014 and Snow Investigations

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