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CHEMTRAILS Planes Caught In the ACT Spraying the deadly poisons ON YOU

CHEMTRAILS Planes Caught In the ACT Spraying the deadly poisons ON YOU

CHEMTRAILS Planes Caught In the ACT Spraying the deadly poisons ON YOU

So You are still in denial as to the Chemtrailing ? Think that the sky has started turning hazy muggy cloudy due to you using polythene bags for your shopping ? Think the planes only leave jet streams Contrails ? Think the Chemtrail is just the usual Conspiracy Nutters making up stuff to pass the time of day ? Think the coincidence of weather alterations around the globe is due to all those fat cat rich folks driving big petrol cars ? Think the Government are collecting all the taxes and taking a 20% slice of what you spend daily just to pay a few hospitals , schools, police etc, ? Grow Up and use that brain your supposed to have between them ears !!

WATCH & LEARN and then open your eyes , watch how they do it on the sly, while your busy playing like a school kid on your new mobile phone app, playing candy crush or laughing at the drivel on the TV that keeps you in your state of dumbness as they want !!

After the video go through our collection of info and video documentaries on the websites co.uk and .com and then wake others. This Chemtrailing is a dual whammy , 1. It is contaminating the very air you breathe filling you with nasties to dumb us down, and contaminating the soils so only "THIER" seeds will grow, and 2. In conjunction with the new Millions of Transmitters used under the guise of phone base transmitters, the airborne nano particle alloys conductors they are spraying allow worldwide shielding and manipulation and altering of the earths electric pulse, this creating both us humans and animals dna damage. Expect more headaches, cancers, and a host of other goodies in the future.

"Welcome to the NEW World Order"

THIS VIDEO IN HOUSE As Youtube are starting to silence anything to close to truths and NWO have them by the balls !!!

Dim lights

CHEMTRAILS Planes Caught In the ACT Spraying the deadly poisons ON YOU

CHEMTRAILS Planes Caught In the ACT Spraying the deadly poisons ON YOU

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