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Richard D Hall of RichPlanetTV, shows what the Media Bullshit machine will NEVER Show

Richard D Hall of RichPlanetTV, shows what the Media Bullshit machine will NEVER Show

Richard D Hall of RichPlanetTV, shows what the Media Bullshit machine will NEVER Show

"When Madeleine Died"

Many Years have passed and still the Maddie McCann Story and media cover ups run the money making machine to keep the secrets of what "ACTUALLY" happened to her as the abducted on the night of the 3rd alive and kicking,This 4 hour long Movie Documentary by Richard D Hall of RichPlanetTV, shows what the Media Bullshit machine will NEVER Show, why is that ? is something you must ask ? Why such a high pressure cover up from the powers above? why all Media silenced or following the script ? Why such a obvious neglect of Parents is praised and NOT Punished ?Why would or should British Government and such powerful organizations like MI5, be silencing Portugal Police and Press Worldwide ? So many questions but NOBODY allowed to ask ? Well luckily several do ask, as this thing has in our opinion stank from day 2 !! ANYONE Who can not see that something way bigger is behind this story, deserves to be implanted and a slave in some work camp !! For being so damn thick !!

Sit back get comfy and watch this Movie and then ask yourself, why are these Tapas 7 and others NOT BEHIND Bars ? and why was the Ocean NOT Dragged and checked as a matter of course, as we have a feeling thats where she lay to rest in anguish and NOT at peace, as she has yet to be found ? The clues have been there for years hidden and ignored ? ask WHY ? Do you believe in coincidences ?

Dim lights

Madeleine McCann FULL MOVIE - When Madeleine Died

WHY ? When within weeks when the story was cracking as a ruse !! DID The Police instead of searching miles of wasteland do a sweep of the ocean as on the days before and the day, They had access to dinghy boats etc, ?? LOGICAL & Best place to hide a body, stick in a Tennis bag drop in ocean , NO BODY NO CRIME !!!

Madeleine McCann FULL MOVIE - When Madeleine Died

Plenty of Clues riddle the story, example what Mother forgets to spell her daughters name right ? And why so nervous that signing this book is a mix of caps and lower case ?

WHY ? SHOULD THE UK Government want to hinder and STOP Police from doing the correct job ? WHY Should UK Government SILENCE and even be concerned with a single child abroad ? THEY Give NOT a shit for other abductions or crimes abroad ? YET This McCanns gets the FULL Package and protection why ?

Madeleine McCann FULL MOVIE

Supposedly Maddie went Sailing according to Kate McCann and yet LOOK BELOW ?

Madeleine McCann FULL MOVIE - When Madeleine Died

STRANGE The 2 young ones sleep through screaming shouting and all Police visits etc ?? on the night ?

Maybe we know why ?

When Madeleine Died

Below Is what the Electric analysis showed as position Maddies body is using her DNA profile and a new high success rate of results, NOTE It covers the Ocean as per where we advised is the MOST Logical place to have dumped a body !!

Madeleine McCann FULL MOVIE - When Madeleine Died

THE SAD PART Is this little Girl is still NOT having the decency of a decent burial and can finally Rest In Peace..

Madeleine McCann FULL MOVIE - When Madeleine Died

Richard D Hall of RichPlanetTV, shows what the Media Bullshit machine will NEVER Show

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