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PLANET X WHAT Govt KNOWS But Can NOT Divulge, also the arrival Events Time line

PLANET X WHAT Govt KNOWS But Can NOT Divulge, also the arrival Events Time line

From Roberto the final decode and calculations of the final months prior to Planet X arrival on 21st July 2017, a Great Technical bit of work showing how and what we can expect. Video TEXT Used on the Spoken Transcript below video.

Dim lights

Spoken Video Texts for none English, and key points pics.

Bullshitters Video.

THIS VIDEO Is NOT A Glossy Flashy Production
BUT a Video, which contains all The Technical
Data which "Roberto From Italy" Has spent
MONTHS checking rechecking Reading Crop Circle
messages, in order to estimate as close as
possible, Planet X - Second Sun - Nibiru
Arrival & Timetable of events.

MOST the Calculations will be to much for the
average watcher to understand, But suffice to say !
IF Roberto has this information, Then you can
bet ALL Governments in the WEST will have there
own Roberto team, and already know all this.

The Question is HOW Long have they known?

WHAT YOU MUST DO Is Connect the dots,
and ask?
IF You was Government Could or would you tell
the People ?
What would the people do if told they may have
only 11 months to live ?
People would Freak out right ?

NOBODY Would go to work. Rape & Pillage
would destroy Everything !

So what would you do ?

THE SOLUTION (and what they are doing)
If YOU Wake up and look around The
Governments are on one single action, To Cause
Worldwide mayhem and distractions,
and create division of people,

Just LOOK Around. The deliberate Muslim
Infiltration of The WEST, Fake Terrorism Plots,

ALL To keep people in dis array and fear and
NOT United and looking in To them,
and the many Behind the
Scenes activities.


Trillions of Dollars Spent on Underground Cities
The instigation of a small select FUTURE
World owners. (Hence the Term)

Why Would THEY Go Underground ?
WHAT Could ever happen they know of to

ONLY 1 Incident on Earth could make long term
living Underground the only Survival Option.

A Object coming from Space, So Severe that
the earths surface would be scorched and suffer
such Horrendous Winds,floods and such, that 75%
or more of earths surface ,will be uninhabital for several years,

Now Once you know , What as sure as anything
we can Guarantee they know.

Then the pieces connect and all this creating
mayhem on earth before the event, makes sense.

Many people have spoke about Planet X Nibiru,
The problem is and has always been, NOBODY
could place an exact date on its return.

This worked as the Leaders planned
it has got to be "Oh Laugh Out Loud" Planet X yea wasnt that
coming in 2012, you nutters want to get a life,
blah blah,"

The media are complacent in spewing the
Given speel and thus its become a joke.
Most People now just laugh about it,

So much so that indeed even I got to
a point where i got to thinking that Stitchen guy
stitched us up etc, its all hype.

BUT Then, when you connect the dots,
When you stay alert and observe such deliberate
world sanity fucking up , by the leaders, etc.

When you witness and see whats happening,

Worldwide Underground secret Towns,
The Economy just allowed to carry on in ever
increasing debts, the gay is cool agenda, the
evil corruption of the Church, the earth behaving
erratically, etc,etc,


When you look at the reason,

ONLY 1 Fits the Puzzle.

Planet X - Second Sun - Nibiru

THEY KNOW ! And Now so do we.
HERE From "Roberto" the findings which
Like i said, THE Leaders will for sure know.
The Puzzle is completed and here for you.

Watch and Pause if required.

This is Robertos Timeline of events
which match the Prophecy exactly and as
stated many a time.

Crop Circles were not all man made, and NOT
Just pretty Pictures, Gods Angels have been
telling us the Good People . BEWARE !
Planet X Is coming 21st July 2017

In this Presentation
Roberto shows the key elements as to
Crop Circles showing critical Informations,
Calculations, Timeline of the 3 days of darkness,
when and what Planet X effects will have on

When and what earth can expect , and this explains
why Governments leaders are pushing quicker
now as THEY KNOW this info also,
and end times are close.


On all websites we now run the doomsday
Time clock.
This will be adjusted and as accurate as ANYONE
can predict, so we will all know how much time to
prepare, get the list of things to do before you die
stuff ticked off etc..
MOST IMPORTANTLY - Get right with the Lord.
and spend quality time with loved ones.

We are entering a period where Prophecy
tells of WAR and evil deceet, yes thats been Obamas
mission we know, so all is going to there Schedule.

which makes this Planet X timeline even more
likely, as if you followed our works from Roberto,
Prophecy from our only true Leader God himself,
tells clearly the events which MUST Happen,
before the final Second Sun Planet X event.
21st July 2017,

In this presentation you will see the calculations, and all technical info.

May 2017 will see earth changes,shorter days and weird stuff, which nobody will be able to explain, but you now will know why, thanks to Roberto, who has spent months even years as we have, researching and following the Nibiru return, after all, both the bible and clues left on earth were not made just as a giant game, it exists, when is she coming back, has, and always been, the tricky bit, the vatican telescopes, the underground towns, huge military exercises to control us the slave peoples, underground hoarding of foods weapons, seeds, and such all indicators, come the time we will be left to survive, the elite those in the know will be scuttled away to there underground luxury homes, to sit out the aftermath, before returning to completion of the new world, a world with those in total control.

Believe or not believe this, its your choice, who cares if you think its poppy cock, open your eyes look at the state of the world, and ask yourself if things are really all fine,
and them going underground, is just coincidence, and nothing more than a good way to spend trillions, of hidden money,

Night now, i shall let you digest the data, and do not shoot the messengers,

PLANET X WHAT Govt KNOWS But Can NOT Divulge, also the arrival Events Timeline

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