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EARTH Danger Signs BIG TROUBLES What Your Not Told 2016

EARTH Danger Signs BIG TROUBLES What Your Not Told 2016

EARTH Danger Signs BIG TROUBLES What Your Not Told 2016

Dim lights

EARTH Signs BIG TROUBLES What Your Not Told, and how things are quickly changing on earth but not reported, This was intended to be added to the last
Video as we go and show Something which
I hear More and more all over !! Media are doing the usual keep the People unaware, fill them with the usual Gay is cool, Muslims are Great, And the biggest joke of allGovernment is our friends and only looking after us all LMAO
Yea i know thats a classic !!!
SAD PART Is 80% of people think that ?
How stupid are they ? Oh well anyway lets move on,The Fact YOU Believe in what this Channel and OUR Websites tell you, is down to you , it makes not that much difference to us in any shape or form !

We Can only advise and do our best to keep you informed and Pass on findings , good or bad . What you do with the information is down to you We Have a duty to report what we find.
OUR Bit is done ....
WE WILL "NOT" Just make videos for video sake. On this SERIOUS Nibiru issue. And so what i ask you to do is , watch and see if this
makes sense to you ? My own Gut feel has told me for last few years, The Sun has been strangely hotter on the skin, a few times i am even sure we had a earth wobble as its positions
seemed to change !! Crazy i know and then when i check it seemed all right again ?
A few Nights the set time changed !! just little bits you kind of notice, there was a absence of bees here this year ? In General seemed a absence of even Flies and Mozzies , not that i am moaning about that ! BUT ! And a big BUT !! WHY ?
Well only when you know Earths problems from Nibiru - Planet X - 2nd Sun Do things start to make some sense , Like i said watch our videos on it, to understand more..But ARE OTHERS Spotting stuff ? YES .Look around watch what people say and keep notes.

In this Video we show actual Australia weather figures manipulation proof, or dumb operators ? We show how they all say its way colder than it should be down on the Southern Hemisphere, with just a sample of people who all say the same, Africa to South Australia is suffering Global cooling NOT Warming, all confirming the earth shift HAS Commenced.

Earth is changing. Earthquakes Volcanoes Weird weather,
THE Elite Evil Leaders we have know it, But HIDE IT, Here is proof of weather MEDIA BULL v REALITY :

EARTH Danger Signs BIG TROUBLES What Your Not Told 2016

EARTH Danger Signs BIG TROUBLES What Your Not Told 2016

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