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PLANET X Found Could be the 1st PUBLIC Image released Worldwide 2017

PLANET X Found Could be the 1st PUBLIC Image released Worldwide 2017

PLANET X Found Could be the 1st PUBLIC Image released Worldwide 2017

In this video and article we bring what could be the very first Nibiru 2nd Sun Planet X Image, along with its exact location, If this is indeed the second sun spoke about, then this is the genuine very first public shot of it. NASA and others will all ready have close ups, but obviously would not tell the Public about this, let alone show them. To be certain it is the Nemesis system and Nibiru, only ongoing monitoring can tell us this for certain, as it should get wider as it gets closer. Below is the release of the news video along with some update stuff, sit back and enjoy and be informed.

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The Written text is below along with key Images, for our worldwide Viewers, simply use translate buttons of your choice above.

LATEST UPDATE For February 2017

FOR SERIOUS Followers Subs and Good People ONLY

let all the none believers in crops, the idiots with the blinkers on and
the many TROLL wastes of space, stay away, tell them to go watch the TV media bullshit machine, this is NOT For them ..

SO MUCH INFORMATION , I am getting Brain Over load with it all at the minute. NEVER In all the years , covering Earth and Nibiru has this level of Stuff Ever been so hectic & Worrying.

In this video i hope to SIMPLY pass key information to YOU in easy simple format. Sit Back get ready and braced..


1. VENUS The is it brighter and why ?

2. Earths Obvious distress

3. Latest Nibiru 2nd Sun Position

4. EARTHS Magnetic clues NOT Spotted

5. URANUS The Where is it ? Whats happened ?

6. Nibiru Planet X 2nd Sun - POSSIBLY The
very first "PUBLIC" Picture CAPTURED.

1. VENUS The is it brighter and why ?

It is brighter as are many others. They are being hit with Cosmic waves of helium and other particles, brought in with Nibiru. LOOK AT Venus below. see the disturbance captured.
NOTE; even in a pic, its brighter than normal..

2. Earths Obvious distress

MOST must have noticed the weird Earth stuff from SNOW in remote places , and anyone just awake to normal earth streams, Can see just how screwed up the Planet is. ADD Earth cracks in many locations and deep earthquakes, all signs Earth is Crying Out.
Again as in all this stuff, its all in the signs. As The Lord said "there will be signs on earth and the sky" They are there . LOUD & CLEAR.

3. Latest Nibiru 2nd Sun Position

YES Roberto and his Skills has had this down to a tee, The Crop Circle decodes he discovered the formula to, has pointed the way, and the where is it question "EVERYONE" wants to know, we now show you to its exact present location.

INDEED For weeks now behind the scenes Hectic hi tech equipment, and several brains of the Space Community People, have been on board , utilizing knowledge from Roberto with Astronomer operators
To enable us to say with a good 90% Certainty "WE ARE CORRECT"


PLANET X Found 1st PUBLIC ImagePLANET X Found 1st PUBLIC Image

4. EARTHS Magnetics. The clues NOT Spotted.

MANY Channels make a point of using the Wizaurad.com clever magnetic mapping of Earths Magnetic North Pole shifting.

But "NONE" seem to grasp the relevance and the further clue it gives . Now we shall show you a few points and see if YOU can connect it?
NOTE; How since 2013 (Nibiru getting closer), The arc-tilt has widened.

PLANET X Found 1st PUBLIC Image released

5. URANUS The Where is it ? Whats happened ?

YES - "URANUS" is In Trouble ? I have had 2 seperate confirmations Uranus has either gone !! Or is behind in its orbit and still gassing.
CERTAINLY Exactly as Roberto had said the crop circles foretold. URANUS Has been a casualty of the incoming 2nd Sun..
(see many videos we made, which show this would happen)

This is in deep ongoing further investigation, and we have even got the big players in the Astronomy field & hope to bring more on this in the future..

PLANET X Found 1st PUBLIC Image released 2017

A Very interesting point was brought to my attention by one of the research team, after bringing Uranus to the attention of Superiors in the Astronomy field. I will type the key parts, as it may
be too small to read on video.

"I think they know whats going on with Uranus" "But they want someone else to break the news"

3. Latest Nibiru 2nd Sun Position (continued)
6. Nibiru Planet X 2nd Sun - POSSIBLY The
very first "PUBLIC" Picture CAPTURED.

NOW its sit down and hold on tight time !! From wanting to bring a update on latest Nibiru position as it is now viewable !! All be it a tiny dot. She is coming in quick, how quick the info is in old videos, so pay attention !

Yes follows now the best estimated position from all angles, this was to be released, BUT ! i got a message from Roberto, to hold the press !! he has secured a picture which needs clarification . BUT it is near where he advised it should be !! and this we feel could well be the very first PUBLIC picture, shown should it be Nibiru . ONLY time will tell i guess...

PLANET X Found 1st PUBLIC Image released 2017

THE PICTURE IS 100% genuine and a FULL explanation as to where it was taken and where YOU Can now see this is at the end of the report..

Seeings as months AFTER Roberto had found the Solar system had
shifted.. Caltech SUDDENLY Report to the media machine.
Oh we have a new planet 9 blah blah.. lol well you know the speel..

So lets see them explain both URANUS & This new Red object..

My money is on "Its a solar minimum always does it blah " lol
lets watch and see.. anyways sit back this is genuine !!


THE MOMENT OF TRUTH Looks close ..

WE CLOSE WITH Robertos latest data and from the what we consider the ONLY Possible genuine Nibiru-Planet X-2nd Sun "ACTUAL" First glimpse as she is 16au out, and closing in..


Its actual position can NOW Easily be checked by ALL and NOT as previously ONLY The big Telescopes.. I Feel Roberto deserves ALL recognition for deciphering Gods messages warnings ..


PLANET X Found 1st PUBLIC Image released 2017

Dim lights

Once Again MANY Thanks To Roberto.
OUR Job is nearing completion. Just updates as we monitor it..
It Should increase in size week by week. We shall watch closely..
GOD Bless all my Subscribers and friends..
STAY TUNED Thanks for watching...

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