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SUN Observations VENUS Distance from Earth in Question

SUN Observations VENUS Distance from Earth in Question

SUN Observations VENUS Distance from Earth in Question

Yes as the title states, We had a good subscriber send in their capture, what was of concern to him was why the dark spot showed on the Sun at certain times, and not others, and kind of hinted that the Sun Simulator is a reality maybe.† As if !† i know, but hey each and everyone has their own opinions, all you can do is warn them about the Pods and youtube, and They need to convince themselves.

In the actual video submitted you can see and trace in real time what we found so interesting about the capture, the dot on the Sun was of no interest in the slightest and of no concern. What is interesting opens up even more Questions, as you will see as you watch, to the right of the Sun is what should be Venus according to our known Planets and also what was of interest was the SUN Streaming flowing in interaction to the right, again with what is of interest. By process of elimination only the Moon and Venus should be to the right of the Sun at that date time frame.† The Planet Object is way to small for the Moon, and yet appears both to big and to clear in visibility for Venus.† This begs the Question is Venus and Earths distance reduced?† Has Earth moved nearer the Sun?† has Earth moved closer to both?† These are what key points were derived from the Video supplied to us.

Whilst you watch the Video, which is best viewed in night time to keep viewing the screen easier, and showing the fine points can be made with no light interferences. YOU WILL See exactly what we spotted and you can also understand this dilemna.† To finish the video we include a very clear case of what was advised regarding the MOON hype of bases on the front and such.† The MAIN Bases are to be found at the Rear and ONLY having Sattelites fiming the Dark Side will the REAL truth be found. Sure a few what we call monitoring stations do exist front side, after all you can be assured THEY are recording Monitoring earth every second of the day from the equipment housed on it..† We show a very good example of how even on a known blank Sun surface how light shades when enlarged enough Pixelate, The Pixelation eventually reverts all pixels back to the square condition of which all pictures are made by, and as such lines and buildings seem to appear to the human eye, but rest assured the Sun does NOT have any buildings on it.

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SUN Observations VENUS Distance from Earth in Question

SUN Observations VENUS Distance from Earth in Question

SUN Observations VENUS Distance from Earth in Question

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