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Nibiru has been known about from 1930 1957 1983 2017

Nibiru has been known about from 1930 1957 1983 2017

Planet X News Update Nibiru has been known about from 1930 noted in 1957 again 1983 and now 2017

Yes not a lot of people know all this but since the 1930,s the elusive Nibiru System has been recorded and leaked out to several journals, Below you will see a couple of snipbits and something which was the further connecting of dots, the calculations all be it, based from estimates and picking up clues as and when accumulated over the years, does again point to 2017 period as being a highly likely timeframe, as such this is why we have followed Robertos date frame and stuck with this, could it be wrong? yes it could be out by many years, but at the present time of this article "NOV 2017", it is about the best anyone can predict, with the information available.

Information on Nibiru - Planet X comes from the following sources.

Harrington & Sitchen NASA Meeting video

Planet X News Update Nibiru has been known about from 1930 noted in 1957 again 1983 and now 2017

Planet Calculations derived and in comparisons to known

Planet X News Update Nibiru has been known about from 1930 noted in 1957 again 1983 and now 2017

YOU NOTICE? The size being close to Robertos Crop circle calculations YET Again? And a interesting point from 1930 to 1983 and even 2016 a COMMON Theme? They all speak about Something Big Pulling at our Solar System.

So us Knowing the Pluto Positions and distances over the years, is worthy of the look. And you do note how its orbit is NOT the normal as Venus, earth, mars etc,, its one of a lifted tilted . Who knows if many many years ago it was as Earth and mars and such on the same elliptic? One of them unknowns..

Pluto Position orbit 1957

1983 Pluto Position

2017 Pluto Position

Having got important data from newspaper snipbits Astronomers have leaked over the years

Newspaper 1960 report

Planet X News Update Nibiru has been known about from 1930 noted in 1957 again 1983 and now 2017

1983 Washington Post article

WE ARRIVE at a interesting TIMELINE Of Nibiru Planet X System. Showing since 1957 how the system has got closer and could be on us Now..

Planet X News Update Nibiru has been known about from 1930 noted in 1957 again 1983 and now 2017

To Make it easier to understand below its split in to 2 . What the schematic is showing is working the figures from known snipbits of informations then it is highly possible the System is here Now.

As you will see , By having the few key data points, the distance from Pluto to the Sun and what they said back in 1960 and such, Gives this time slot as easily possible.. assuming a speed of around 169,000 mph..

So the Question as to the speed is the key unknown, it sounds fast to us as tiny specks in the whole scale of the Universe, but in reality it is NOT that fast . See Below how Comets whizz

around Space at these speeds all the time..

speed of comets

Yes Comets speed up near the Sun as they are pulled in and approach light speeds.. During a comets slow day speeds of some 250,000 MPH are normal, all perfectly normal.

As You will have seen and we hope this all is easy to understand? This is the Planet X news Information at 2017 which does keep us on watch on this issue, it could well be a few years out but one thing we do feel is

whatever should this Nibiru Planet X SS System be of any substance and it points us that way, WE are within its arrival date frame. And we need to be alert..

SEE ALSO THIS ARTICLE & VIDEO ON THE SUBJECT - Showing 1936 News Clips about Space Intrusions...........................

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