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Youtube Video Reporting QUESTIONS Answered

Youtube Video Reporting QUESTIONS Answered

Youtube Video Reporting QUESTIONS Answered

In this video we address a very common question regarding our youtube reporting. We address the why and what is the governing facts of how the channel and reporting is done, and way more.

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Youtube Video Reporting QUESTIONS Answered

Youtube Video Reporting QUESTIONS Answered

On 2017-11-03 Sheenagh McVey wrote:

I watch every post you do on YouTube. You provide interesting content. Thank you._

> _I would like to ask you why you refuse replies on your site. Although I like (most of) the content I feel that you are unfriendly
and terse. I know you will say that you don't care, that you do not do this to make friends, just provide information. This is a cold,
uncaring view in my opinion. On top of this you never speak. It feels to me that if you are doing this because you care, you do not portray this.

I watched your last video, and it only goes to the 2nd Nov. I do not know how you can 'predict' solar evolvement! You are asking to watch the sol for developments.
if we are plodding towards the end, you should put in 110%

_Kind Regards_

> _Sheenagh McVey_


1. WHY No Comments? Well apart from having over 600 videos & The fact of just 1 comment per video a day needing to be checked, That alone would
be 600 EVERY Day. TIME Wasted & It is a video format NOT a chat room again assume 600 need a reply? thats 1,200 comments a day !!
A Task that would be done except !
The Biggest & MAIN REASON For comments disabled is FOR Good peoples Protection as the sad kids Troll gang hover and WILL Pick on followers of a lot of channels, and hound you and even Troll you, should you show interest. DO NOT Believe ? ASK a few other channels?

The Troll gangs are such pathetic sad lonely shits they ONLY have hate to offer, speak with Scott @ Planet X he has been hounded over
a year and still they persist..

They will and do private message any posters to disrupt and get their kicks for the day. SO ITS "YOUR" Protection we and a few other channels
are now forced to have comments disabled.

Its a shame as it would be good to respond and interact. So thank the TROLLs for that, It is YOU they make suffer it is YOU that
can not ask questions and comment , So the Trolls are in reality Attacking YOU the viewers NOT the channel.

As NOT 1 of the victims subscribers think to report the channels to Youtube via- Reporting channel sections, THEY get away with it..

So to a degree You ONLY have yourselves to blame.
Youtube will act if enough notify..

Channel owners simply put the video out and life carries on regardless,
and time is saved , to allow further researching etc, YOU Lose being
able to comment.

2. Am I unfriendly ? NO far from it however i do NOT Suffer fools and Dumb people lightly, Sadly Youtube is full of them.
ONLY If you know me and gain trust will you see i am friendly. Youtube MAKES people angry !! As its frustrating they promote crap and hide
good content.. (deliberately)...

3. The you never speak on videos ? Dead right i will not, after having my family blackmailed and Grandkids pictures used and swapped around the Troll gang for their kicks. ONLY A FOOL or those unaware of what sick individuals the Trollers are puts there face out and voice, as it would be used in silly videos and plastered on youtube day and night, by the Troll mental ages of 7 gangs.
THAT is why, it is not worth the drama or risk. again its a shame what could be easier than doing a picture and just rambling for 2 minutes, simple and very quick to do.

4. THE "I feel, if we are plodding towards the end, you should put in 110%_" 110% ? Is NOT 3 websites on the subjects, 8 years or so researching , A "EVERY" day routine of checking many many monitoring sources, purchases of telescopes, cameras, rf monitors, and such NOT 110% ??

DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE QUANTITY OF VIDEOS !! It is the content that counts. ONLY Stuff of relevance is put out. we give 120% in terms of FACTUAL Observations NOT fake pretend junk like sun simulators, skycams rain drops, and lens flares etc, and the other hogwash, which is what youtube is filled with, sadly, deliberately in some instances !

Video & Article on the deliberate subject, will follow on as it is
a subject also which has been researched !!

5. Why you should watch the Sun - Sol .
Roberto has many times discovered crop circles warn of the SUN being the Target, and this is the key to any Planets aproaching. For this reason the SUN is a vital indicator and should be watched.

EARTH Is "NEVER" Told or shown to be hit, so scrub that notion. The Earths dangers will In MY Opinion come from the SUN a CME type of event. And Or a tilt of earth causing mayhem.
Major DEEP Earth Core heating up, causing mass World weather mayhems. Volcanoes to erupt and storms of immense natures.

Remember !


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