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Important Information TROLL attacks

Important Information Tige Derek Hand TROLL attacks

Well This is very Important, and concerns our Youtube works and Reputation, which is " again "being attempted to be tarnished on a scale so gross, that had we not have been sharper than the TROLL shitters and Tige Derek Hand, Many of you could have believed the made up bullshit stories.  Watch the video and see why it was marked IMPORTANT, as it is indeed so.  For over 3 years they have tried anything and everything to discredit our works, our videos, and reputations.

Using absolute made up Lies and slander in the Rat Troll Pack Gang Group attacks online, using ideas like slandering with being Porn stars to Drug Barons to being wanted by Interpol even, the hounding and stalking and stories just come from thin air, as the bunch of drugged up mental aged 7 year olds, play and harrass people for kicks.  The latest 2 have had a bit more behind the scenes work time and energy applied, Using the old copy paste on newspaper articles, Two new ones appear, 1 has the DRUG Lords and the other a ex schoolteacher and kids fiddling story, altered by Tige Hand and at least one other TROLL team member, to pass and share around that we are the bad people in the news, and to be avoided, etc,

Dim lights

This step is for sure HIGHLY Illegal and very serious, our legal team have been advised as we do have ongoing pending monitorings, damages need to be calculated over a time period thing, MOST Critical is that YOU Our loyal followers supporters on Youtube or online, are aware any such bullshit story you may see floating around the internet, is purely bullshit and the peoples behind the DELIBERATE slandering need to be stopped , Or this could so easily happen to you, so think on? when you simply turn away and do not tackle evil or act when you see a wrong doing, to others!  The next time it could so easily be YOU.


As you will see taking a basic Genuine news story ideally with a tagline and region they are targetting a simple copy paste and retype to fill in , Bingo suddenly the dramatic headline news Feature has now become a Rat Trolls tool to slander and create a good person or persons to be tarnished and defamed.  SERIOUSLY Illegal but then Tige Hand and his Chums are not either strangers to Frauds, Prison, fake id´s, and such, and do not think there actions through. So it does happen and YOU Must remain vigilant, if you see and simple pictures of any documents online or even in pdf,  Unless a live link to original source exists, its most likely a hoax.  BE ON GUARD.

The Rat was captured working to do this attack on our youtube channel, and Ourselves. GO Over to the excellent Truther website and find out all the sad criminal past and full details,  of the perpetrators ..


See Below video for Big Rat Capture - and the connections to Tige DFD slanders threats websites and more, deliberately Tarnishing us..

Dim lights

See below How the article was put out and the original, which is in the link below live on the Paper still,

Tige Hand Doctored article

As soon as this sick video was up loaded i found the doctored article immediately. Pretty easy seen as it was from the Daily Mail newspaper!! plus i have a program that will find the images they use on the internet!!

Important Information Tige Derek Hand TROLL attacks

As you can clearly see it is completely doctored from start to finish!!  We won´t blank this scums face out as he is a convicted Peadophile and people should be aware of who he is and his where abouts. We all have a duty to protect and safe guard our children from these sicko's who prey on our children.  Well decent people do !!

below is the link to the original article

LINK TO THE "FACTS & TRUTHER" WEBSITE Exposing the Trapped Rats on Youtube. Do Your Bit and support GOOD v Shitters Today..

Facts Truther Website

Important Information TROLL attacks