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peter kuske asks help

PeteKuske big trouble




Once again PETER KUSKE is SERIOUSLY attacked, The date of this sick Gang attack was spotted on 19th Feb 2018. This date needs recording along with the NEW Rat Gang methods, this needs recording for future reasons, as below.

PETER KUSKE at that date had by the Gang, websites made and live online, using his own name†PETER KUSKE, filled with SERIOUS illegal made up News articles, exposure of personal details, PETER KUSKE previous work history and as much lies and slanders as could ever be manufactured, purely to paint a bad picture and to place his life and his family in danger. This had already been done many weeks earlier by the sick Gang on youtube, but as of the 19th FEB 2018, they moved it up a notch , and placed PETER KUSKE named websites out.

WHY Does PETER KUSKE† want this recorded? And brought to your attention?† The Reasons are plain and straight forward. The Gang of which we know each and every one. HAVE set the new game rules in this website. And people need to be again aware of both the evil nature of the sick small Gang, and understand its all made up faked news articles and such, so if such crap is read on PETER KUSKE Ashford Kent UK or SPAIN or where ever, to be advised it is deliberate defamation of PETER KUSKE.. CHECK The Real Peter Kuske HERE.

ANY & ALL Gang members can NOT complain from here onwards, when it becomes PETER KUSKE right to seek legal compensation and whatever he feels appropriate payback actions.

PETER KUSKE Kent UK justice

HERE is The Copy of PETER KUSKE That they have literally Filled with Bullshit after Bullshit To get there little kicks. And the Gang slander PETER KUSKE This after already slandering on youtube , and emailing companies and everything with lies, to attempt to tarnish PETER KUSKE.


As You can see This has every component and slanders every single thing on PETER KUSKE.† LEGAL Actions are in motion, BUT IMPORTANTLY !!† YOU WILL SEE JUST HOW SICK and low and dirty these Rats, Are prepared to go.

IF YOU ARE WANTING TO HELP & YOU MUST DEFEND PETER KUSKE, YOU NEED TO GET ON THEM PHONES Emails or Pop round and break there bones or whatever ! As† NEXT Time this sick gang, could be targetting You, We now need to stand against this Troll sick gang, who are hellbent on covering up there own real sick secrets !! and trust me they are sick.



THAT IS WHY- It is important to help and support PETER KUSKE and the channel and the websites. AND† In Future DARE "ANY" TROLL RatPack member to advise,or complain to†PETER KUSKE, when Payback happens 10 fold on each and every Shitter Gang Friend aidder abetter, or Member who is with them ..† PETER KUSKE stands Tough and says F It, we will fight them on the beaches blah blah .NO SURRENDER TO THESE EVIL SICKOS EVER .

(c) 22nd FEB 2018 - PETER KUSKE