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AYRTON SENNA The 1994 Fatal Accident INVESTIGATION split screen Analysis

The Fatal accident while Ayrton Senna was racing at Imola Circuit was one that changed F1 Grand Prix racing forever. The sad day that Ayrton Senna died from a violent accident, whilst at the top of the F1 Race Championship, driving for Williams Race Team at high speed he just failed to make the hig speed bend, many different ideas float as to was the accident a cover up by Williams and F1 Owners? Was the steering mechanism faulty pushing the blame on Williams and the ongoing Public out cry, for more safety on Cars? Or was it as the National Geo TV documentary showed, a case of loss of high speed aerodynamic Grip, that caused it.

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The legal issue and challenges were made in High Court and the final verdict went with the Car steering being all fine and dandy, and swallowing the loss of Grip.  In this video we do the research as this conversation cropped up in a conversation, and we was asked would we look at it. We duly have and the findings and way we approached, is all covered in the video, with snapshots and related hard shots as on here.

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The Most important pieces of evidence, which we feel was overlooked are in the video, this is the Qualify lap in the very same car which gives superb analysis of steering positions and more.  With this the Case could be looked at in great depth.
We would like to have you note on the video, we say about the steering wheel as if the cut off segment was responsible, after release and further thoughts.
The problem we still stay on steering issue, however it could be further in the rack and pinon region, or in the hollow tube segment, as we learnt this had been recently welded to make the 2 become 1 long shaft.

AYRTON SENNA,1994, Fatal Accident, INVESTIGATION,steering wheel ayrtonsennasteeringwheel-final-frames-1994

We can only check and report what is known and can be monitored, and stress again as in video. THIS Is Only an Opinion based on what we can investigate, and the steering shows what it shows to us.

We add and pray that Ayrton is in Gods hands and at peace. May he Rest in Peace, he was a True Great Driver and man who is sadly now gone, but will never be forgotten.