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Victim of David Greig dazza NZ Speaks out

Victim of David Greig dazza NZ Speaks out


Victim of David Greig dazza NZ Speaks out

This is a great watch and listen as Youtuber Ben Timer discloses how his close family had been targetted by David Greig and his Pedo criminal sidekick lover, Chris Lippincott, who had been harrassing both him and his 2 close relatives, in this you will hear how Logan Lippincott had
shown him on video all his private details, and his relatives, as part of the Gangs hound Ben Timer to silence him routine.
Starting to see any clear signs yet? Where there is privacy invasions and sleaze and kids David Greig, who uses Greg to slip and hide behind, is there in the mix. Like a sleazey dribbling pervert behind the scenes dragging people in so as to enable the Gang get there fix and giggles, and kids pictures.

A few key points come out during this live rant and call out on dazzathecameraman David Greig. You will note the swearing and the holier than thee pretend crap slip. What the final outcome was, who knows but since this date Ben Timer has been very silent. So have they nobbled him?
Have they Blackmailed him in to keeping quiet? Or something else? Who knows or will ever know as many seem to just shut up and run away when David Greig starts.

The validity of this Ben Timer outburst is confirmed as it was known David Greig had previously put out a video showing on google maps, Ben Timers home and threats as to knowing where he lives, the same old Gang routine as used day after day, to Harrass many a youtuber into playing ball, and or keeping quiet about the seedy secrets known about the Sick sad perverted Gang, who rightly are named the YouTubeRATS.

Dim lights

Has Ben Timer been got to? is he scared to speak anymore? Has he let these people below silence him, or have the other sick Gang stepped in and holding him to silence with the usual Blackmail routine which they use. Are they having there usual Private skypes, and drooling over
Ben Timers kids as you read this? Who knows? The Gang is a sick minded bunch with drug problems and even they have not much of a clue what to do from day to day.

Victim of David Greig dazzathecameraman NZ Speaks out

Victim of David Greig dazzathecameraman NZ Chris Lippincott Speaks out

Victim of David Greig dazzathecameraman NZ Chris Lippincott Speaks out