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PeteKuske big trouble

Mad Dangerous Druggy Liar Gang Strikes Youtube yet again

Mad Dangerous Druggy Liar Gang Strikes Youtube yet again

Ben Ian Mathews - Ben Time Traveler

The Christopher Lippincott - Logans Finleys Boats Haltom City Texas, Mad Dangerous Druggy Liar Gang, Strikes Youtube yet again with the usual lies, and attempts to trash good youtubers and people they dislike, in this attack, he picks on a Ben Time Traveler, Mr Ben Mathews. Going to his videos and channel, then picking on his good friends and subscribers, spreading lies of Ben Mathews being some Child Rapist, the usual Drugged up thinking from a known proven sick kid fiddling criminal, with a temper which is so highly strung and wired to his frazzled brain, due to drugs and years of frustrations of his sexuality, he snaps and this time on videos and by posting his inner demons thoughts, Christopher Neil Lippincott of Haltom City and Certified Boat Sales Texas, chose the Rapist crime for Ben Mathews. working on his timeless thinking, that if he says it 2 times then its all the truth, and he is the king of truth and he gets his excitement. Add to that his thrill of inflicting Pain and torture to women and kids, he then also threatens Ben Mathews Sister, a elderly decent woman, who does not even own a PC, let alone even go online. But that does not matter to Logan Lippincott as long as he can scare someone and spread lies, he is happy, and so are his close like minded sick pals, The TROLL Rat gang team, who defend this shit day after day.

Listen Watch the video below, which was taken and made by Ben Time Traveler as he explains more.

Dim lights

Now his sick friends have made and produced and given and allow Lippincott access to content on their websites, he uses that as a further threat to make up lies and whatever he feels to tell the world. So therefore YOU all had better do as he says or you will go on them.


Peter Kuske Ben Mathews attacker Chris Lippincott Finley Boats Texas

This brainwave by his close pals could backfire as they now MUST do as he says and Lie and cover him even more than before, or they know he will expose the Real hidden behind the scenes truth on ALL of them, and they will end up on the very same server websites THEY gave to him.

Here is the small bunch of known Accomplices , who aid and fight and Lie to cover their actions and keep Lippincotts seedy sick past and secrets hidden, and assist in the Cover ups and Slanderous attacks on Many.. WHAT SECRETS DO THEY HOLD To Make them need to Lie for Lippincott?

dave-greig-greg-dazzathecameraman-NZ william a price portland oregon starbucks stalker sara-pittman-brandon-pittman-ohio-druggies-beavercreek Tige Derek Hand Covington Georgia cj-storey-washington

Mad Dangerous Druggy Liar Gang Strikes Youtube yet again

dazza-the-cameraman-waptek-williamprice-shout-out-trollteam dazza-the-cameraman-waptek-williamprice-shout-out-troll team