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PeteKuske big trouble

Tramp liar bullshitter WILLIAM A PRICE of Portland Oregon

Tramp liar bullshitter WILLIAM A PRICE of Portland Oregon


The Tramp liar bullshitter WILLIAM A PRICE of Portland Oregon, the Dignity Village, STARBUCKS Binman, uncovered, his usual baffle the fools with none stop information which is from the 90´s, or simply he reads of wikipedia and such, the small minded sick gang all swallow all, so out of touch is this supposed expert. He promised well, actually bet, that he would get 8,000 views on a single video

Tramp liar bullshitter WILLIAM A PRICE of Portland Oregon

in 1 month, the result was 70 views in 2 months. He then also proceeded to advise that the website gets some 4 visits a day !

the bullshits he spouts in his la la land Starbucks bin world he lives in.

Dim lights

Below is the stats from which is not massive, and not designed to be anything more than a select website, covering ELENIN and NIBIRU,  but IT certainly has a little more than 4 views or visits, daily.    The MOST Hilarious thing which just shows how sad the Gang of shitters are is they honestly swallow This information he derives from Alexa which any proper web guy knows is a joke and has since died way back in 1999..


Then David Greig, aka Greg, aka Gregg, Even puts a video out as he is that impressed with him, the only thing heard about, that he is good at is wiping naughty stuff of PC´s, maybe that is why they all love and inspire to be like him?  who knows?
To cap it all for laughter value. look at ex con druggy Sara J Pittman saying how these sick mates of his , all look to him for advice LOL ..But stay as a failure driving flash cars and eating the finest foods in some of the best spots in the world. Yes stick the Rat Gangs idea of success it falls badly..


As for saying Pete WDHCo "Peter Kuske" as that was who he was targeting, is a wannabe, that alone is another thicko comment, what does he want to be?  a real success and needing to rummage through bins at a coffee shop to eat and make a video? Well in that case i am sure Pete would rather not be what is considered by the Rat Team Gang sicko´s a success.
waste bins while making videos, he would be head of a proper company and earning enough to buy a home and maybe even have a shower fitted. NOT reduced to crouching behind the bins at Starbucks Portland in the hope that he impresses 4 or 5 of his mates on youtube.


The funniest thing is how these Gang member saddo´s below, all hang on his every word, without knowing what absolute drivel and bullshit he feeds them. This just shows how stupid these are or how naive they are, if this guy was so good he would not be surviving and spending his days smelling like a tramp and rummaging Starbucks fall for his bullshit and waffle and mind blowingly dull bullshit day after day. And look up to and inspire to be like him?  WTF !!  How stupid are they?

Starbucks-coffee-Portland-Oregon-The-BinMan-Stalker c j storey Washington david greg greig attacks peter kuske mallorca uk mr mrs Brandon Pittman Sara J Pittman Beavercreek Ohio

todd finley chris lippincott certified boat sales haltom city texas

Tramp liar bullshitter WILLIAM A PRICE of Portland Oregon